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    25% Off Bod-E-Nomics Health & Wealth Success Strategies Book (Shipping Included)

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    - Learn how to take control of your body, your eating habits, and your money and see how they all work together
    - Change your life for the better with an easy-to-read, informative book
    - Offers solutions for making healthy eating affordable

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    Deal Information

    25% Off Bod-E-Nomics Health & Wealth Success Strategies Book (Shipping Included)

    Bod-E-Nomics is unique in that it explains how your body is influenced by what you think, eat and how you spend your money.? As CEO of your body, Bod-E-Nomics will guide you from being an out-of-control business headed towards bankruptcy (overweight, sick and broke) to the profitable thriving business that is running smoothly (trim, healthy and wealthy). Written in three easy to follow sections entitled Body, Eating and Money, Bod-E-Nomics gives simple strategies for success.

    "Thank you so much for suggesting I read Bod-E-Nomics. ?I really enjoyed the book -- it was educational, interesting and easy to understand. Although I consider myself health-conscious I learned new information about diet and proper nutrition. ?The book gives tips and advice about how to get control over one's life, what triggers to avoid and how to become more aware of eating patterns.??I really appreciated the chapter on waste and how you integrated ways to be more ecological in life. The analogies and parallels between eating and running your life like the CEO of a well-run company resonated with me.? As a physician, I am constantly talking to my patients about ways they can improve their lives. ?I will recommend your book to help them accomplish goals they set for themselves."Mark Goodman, M.D. Peekskill, NY

    "In the fast pace, constantly changing times, in which we live, Bodenomics offers a fresh perspective on healthily living.? It will serve as a user friendly guide to making good nutrition an affordable habit." John R. Gork, CLU, Financial Representative, Grand Haven, Michigan

    "This book is extremely valuable in today's 'go-go' world where most people rarely stop and self reflect. I'm amazed at how many high achievers have business success, but at the same time they're often one step from the ER room because they've taken their health for granted. This is a rare book that ties together the massive importance that good health and wealth should play in everyone's live. Thanks again to both Wendy and Viki for not only a timely book, but more importantly their wisdom and expertise to change lives for the better!" Tony Rubieski, Best Selling Author of Mind Capture Series