Sustainable College Degree Programs

Green Mountain College offers one of country’s top online Sustainable Graduate degree programs. From a Sustainable Green MBA, Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Business (MBA), Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MSES), and Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS), a student can study while maintaining a full-time career.

Each sustainable degree program class lasts six weeks and there is a week-long break after the completion of one course and before the start of the next. Students are not required to take courses in a specific order, though most follow the same path.

Sustainable college degree students are able to access their courses whenever is most convenient for them and should expect to spend approximately 21 hours on coursework per week. Since the sustainable degree program is taught online, there are specific technology requirements to ensure that students are able to easily access and complete coursework.

This is a comprehensive Green MBA covering all facets of business from marketing, economics, finance and accounting.  What makes us unique is that sustainability is woven into every course by an acknowledged leader in sustainability, which makes the lessons more tangible, and real world for our students.

As a recognized leader in Environmental Education, our Online Graduate Programs enable students to pursue their Master's Degree while maintaining their full-time professional career. 

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