10 tips on consuming less and reducing your waste

  1. Buy less: Start at the root of the problem by consuming fewer products.
  2. Reuse existing items: Often the simplest solution to a problem is to just reuse an item you already own for a new purpose.
  3. Buy reusable's: Just like reusing existing items, have reuse in mind when you’re in need of something new.
  4. Repair rather than replace: Even when an item breaks, it may still have a lot of life left in it.
  5. Make your own: When possible, you can make your own consumable products.
  6. Sell or give old items away: You may not have a use for your old stereo or the afghan from your great aunt, but more than likely someone else can make use of it.
  7. Choose secondhand: When you do need flooring for your new home or a suit for the office, why not try out secondhand or consignment stores.
  8. Cut packaging waste: Packaging can make up nearly 30% of your trash bin. So when faced with a choice between two similar products, choose the one with the least total packaging.
  9. Start recycling: Though not the most effective choice for reducing waste (see all preceding tips here for better ideas), having a home recycling program is extremely important. It is the eco-friendly way to handle all of the waste that you can’t prevent.
  10. Compost organics: Waste that easily biodegrades - food scraps, yard clippings, and the like - are bad for climate change when they head to the landfill.

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