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32% off DriWater Self Watering System for Plants, Gardens, and Flowers (Shipping Included)

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- All natural & Non-toxic
- Great for indoor or outdoor gardens/flowers/plants
- Self watering for up to 30 days
- Great for watering house plants while away on vacation

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20 x 2" Gel Packs (perfect for 4"-14" plants)

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Deal Information

32% off DriWater Self Watering System for Plants, Gardens, and Flowers (Shipping Included)

DriWater is a 100% natural, non toxic product used for the long-term watering of plants. It's all natural and will provide water for indoor or outdoor plants for 30 days. This is a must-have product if you're planning a summer vacation and have plants that need cared for while you're away.

This deal includes twenty 2" DriWater packets (ideal for 4"-14" plants).

DriWater was invented by a well-known food chemist who recognized the potential of a filler product he was using to thicken peanut butter. He tested and applied his theory that water could be suspended as a gel and released over time as naturally occurring microbes in the soil fed on the filler and released the suspended water into the soil.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is DRiWATER?
DRiWATER is a patented time-release plant watering product. It contains
a combination of 98% water and 2% food grade ingredients. The
food grade ingredients are commonly found in foods such as mayonnaise
and ice cream.

2) How does it work?
Natural enzymes found in the soil gradually break down the gel. As the
gel converts back to water, moisture is carried and maintained throughout
the plant’s root zone.

3) When a plant needs more moisture, does DRiWATER
liquefy at a faster rate?
No. Liquefaction is the process of DRiWATER changing from a solid gel
back into liquid water. The liquefaction rates are predictable and are
determined by the amount of DRiWATER that is exposed to the soil. If
a plant needs more moisture, it may be necessary to apply additional
DRiWATER or use supplemental watering.

4) Can I fertilize while using DRiWATER?
Yes. You can use normal fertilizers and chemicals as needed. Fertilizers
may cause DRiWATER to liquefy at a faster rate so it is important to
check your DRiWATER more often when using fertilizers.

5) Can I over-water using DRiWATER?
You cannot over-water if you are applying DRiWATER according to manufacturer’s recommendation. If you are applying DRiWATER to indoor container plants in addition to your regular watering there is always a chance of over-watering. Please note hanging baskets will need supplemental water during spring and summer months.

6) Is it safe to eat DRiWATER?
We do not recommend this, however, DRiWATER is 100% natural and
harmless to children and animals.

7) Is DRiWATER the same as a polymer?
No. DRiWATER is not an absorbent polymer. DRiWATER is pure

8) How soon do I need to use DriWater?
The product has a shelf life of 18 months