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27% Off Dual Flush Toilet Kit from Aquabarrel (shipping included)

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- Conserve over 30 gallons of water a day on average for a family of 4
- Easy to use
- Fits most 2" 2 piece toilets
- Conforms to all plumbing codes

- Shipping included
- No limit per person

Deal Information

27% Off Dual Flush Toilet Kit from Aquabarrel (shipping included)

This Dual Flush Toilet Kit will give you the same benefits as an expensive dual flush toilet and allow you to keep your existing toilet! Flip the handle in one direction for half flush and the opposite direction for a full flush. Save over thirty gallons a day for the average family of four!

It Fits:

  • Almost any 2-inch drain toilet
  • Angle or side handle toilets, left or right
  • Tanks as low as 9" high
  • Works in both older 3.5+ gallon toilets and the newer 1.6 gallon toilets


  • Conforms to all plumbing codes
  • Fits most 2" two piece toilets.
  • Micro adjust the water volume used from the water tank for the flush

What's Included: The image shows all the parts that will be shipped to you including:

  • A new tank to bowl gasket
  • New nuts and bolts to hold the water tank to the base
  • A new water filler tower
  • Fittings for the end of the water filler tube. Did you know that a huge amount of water is wasted during the actual flush.
  • New dual flush base and tower

Watch this video for a great demonstration of a converted dual flush toilet.