Keurig K-cups Are Not Recyclable

The famous ?Keurig? K-cups which have ended up on our kitchen counters at home and in the office are creating a huge problem, more waste going to into the landfills. Because of how the K-cups are built, with plastic, aluminum, and internal filter, the K-cup cant be recycled and goes directly into the landfill. Keurig is looking into ways to create a? recycled K-cup but as of today, each time you use one of these K-cups, your quick and easy 1-cup of coffee is adding more trash to the local landfills. Think about it before you buy the Keurig K-cup machine and a dozen single use coffee K-cups.?

Instead of the Keurig K-cups, buy a pound or two of fair trade organic coffee from Grounds for Change or from your local Co-op or market.

keurig k-cups