20% Off Elegant Handwoven Accessories and Linens for the Home (Use Coupon Code: GREENDEALS20)
20% Off Elegant Handwoven Accessories and Linens for the Home (Use Coupon Code: GREENDEALS 20) Uchit, which means ‘fair or just’ in Hindi, is a fair trade, earth friendly, social enterprise and lifestyle brand aimed at empowerment of women. Enjoy ethically sourced, eco-friendly, hand crafted home furnishings and clothing accessories. Our Products are made of sustainably sourced, natural yarns such as GOTS certified organic cotton yarn, eco-friendly linen and silk. They are hand dyed using either low-impact dyes or non-toxic plant based dyes and dyes based on Ayurvedic principles. All are hand woven on a traditional wooden loom. We have partnered with majority women-owned handloom cooperatives to ensure livable wages and benefits to artisans and help keep an age old art form alive. We try to tread very lightly on this earth – sourcing eco-friendly fabrics and dyes and in our business operations, we use sustainable, eco-friendly products, processes and practices and offset what we can't reduce. Five percent of all sales goes to benefit education of underprivileged girls and a majority of our profits supports projects aimed at empowering women both here in the US and in developing countries. We are a Certified B Corp and our goal is to assure financial independence and social justice for marginalized women of the world.
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$10 Off Standard Solar Oven Kit from Sunflair(Use Coupon Code: GreenDeal)
$10 Off Standard Solar Oven Kit from Sunflair (Use Coupon Code: GreenDeal) Affordable and portable, SUNFLAIR® solar ovens weigh just 1.5 lbs (454 grams). Great for camping where fires are not allowed, boating, Rv-ing, emergency preparedness, keeping the heat out of the kitchen on a summer day, or crafts with the kids. Specially insulated oven reaches temperatures of up to 260 F (127 C). Makes delicious meals without the use of propane, charcoal, gas, or electricity. Saves money. Cuts utility bills. Eat healthier. No charcoal carcinogens. Solar cooked foods retain more nutrients and flavor. Perfect for emergencies. Cook during a power outage. Pasteurize water. Essential part of any bug-out bag.   Why use a Sunflair Solar Oven? Because it's: CHEAPER •    No wood, propane, charcoal, gas or electricity •    Doesn't heat up the home, requiring additional energy to cool it back down  Includes: 1 solar oven, 2 collapsible silicone pots, 1 rack, 1 heat conducting/baking tray, 1 special solar oven thermometer, 1 carrying bag. 30-day money-back warranty.
Value: $110
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