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41% off Water Purifying Charcoal from Kishu (Shipping Included)

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- Kishu is active charcoal
- Kishu is made from a sustainable resource
- Kishu absorbs toxins and heavy metals in tap water
- Kishu has a light carbon foot print
- Kishu imparts healthy minerals
- Kishu is green—it’s completely compostable
- Kishu is cost-effective—one stick lasts up to six months

- Each order includes 1-stick of Kishu Charcoal
- Shipping included
- Ships within 3-5 days
- Limit 5 per person

Deal Information

41% off Water Purifier from Kishu - Purify your Drinking Water for up to 6 Months (Shipping Included)

Kishu has been used by the Japanese for centuries to purify drinking water. Exclusive to the protected forests of Wakayama, Japan, branches of holm oak trees are sustainably harvested then slowly fired in traditional kiln ovens over many days. This artisanal process, combining low oxygen and high temperatures, results in a unique, glass-like structure with millions of micro-cavities. These give Kishu its amazing absorption properties.

  • Kishu is easy to use and works up to 6-months
  • Simply placed in a pitcher, a stick of Kishu begins absorbing impurities immediately upon contact with tap water.
  • Kishu is the green alternative to plastic-encased filters.
  • Using Kishu filtered water is also an alternative to purchasing plastic bottled water.

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